Meeting tonight is ON


This is a reminder that the Troop WILL be meeting tonight as scheduled.

You might recall that last winter we changed our meeting policy regarding inclement weather: we no longer follow the Warwick School District closures but rather decide on an incident by incident basis what we’ll do. This gives the Troop more flexibility.

At this time I have made a round-trip to the LGH health campus and consulted with another leader that just returned from the Willow Street area. In our estimation the roads are reasonably treated and passable. However we can’t predict whether conditions will improve or worsen in the next two hours. As always, whether or not your Scout attends a meeting is up to you. There is never any penalty for missing a meeting. Please use your best judgment tonight. If you feel that the weather conditions will prevent you from traveling safely please do not come to the meeting.

Mike Newman | Scoutmaster

BSA Troop 44 – Lititz, PA

(717) 475-7555

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