Our First Aim: Character Development

Scouting has three aims: character development, citizenship training, and fitness–both mental and physical. This being my first Scoutmaster minute, I thought it would be good to speak for a minute about the first aim of Scouting: Character Development. After all, other than the cool uniforms, it is the core purposes of Scouting that set us apart from all other youth organizations. Right now you could be at band practice or sports practice but instead you’re here and we’re practicing something different…

The Scoutmaster’s Handbook defines it this way:

Character encompasses a boy’s personal qualities, values, and outlook. Scouting strives to help a boy grow in the following ways:
• He becomes confident but is not conceited.
• He is honest with himself and others.
• His personal appearance shows that he respects himself.
• He develops special skills and interests.
• He can take care of himself, especially in emergencies.
• He can be counted upon to do his best, even in difficult situations.
• He practices his religious beliefs.
• He respects other people regardless of their differences.
Character is what you do when no one is looking.

Good night, Scouts.


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