Summer Camp Reminders

Troop 44:

If you’re not attending STEAM camp you can ignore this post. If you’re attending STEAM camp please read this whole thing!


Use this link to select your merit badge choices:


Arrive at St Paul’s in the rear parking lot at 11:30 am on Sunday 7/11.


St Paul’s has invited you to attend Sunday service at 10:00 am so that they can pray for your success and safety at camp. This is optional but encouraged.


All participants must have a complete, current, BSA physical (A, B & C) before we leave for camp on Sunday. You did turn this into Mr. Newman or Mrs. Flaiz already, right?


All medications will be secured during the week. Participants bringing medications should place all medications in a one-gallon Ziploc bag. Written Instructions for dispensing the medications should be in the bag. Bring only enough medications for the duration of our camp. Any participant that needs a rescue inhaler or epi-pen will be responsible to carry it at all times.


We’re aware of one attendee with peanut allergies. We’ll use the same precautions as we do on any other Troop outing.


All participants are encouraged to develop their own packing list. Start with the list in the camping section of your Scout handbook. The number of shirts/socks/shorts etc. varies by person, but everyone is expected to present a neat and clean appearance at all times. Whether you need to bring long shirts/pants is a personal preference. Check the weather forecast in advance. If you run short of clean clothing during the week you can use the Troop’s “wishy-washy” portable laundry system.


  • Everyone should have a refillable water bottle
  • Biodegradable choices for soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant are encouraged (not required)
  • There is a catch & release pond on the property, bring your own gear to fish during free times
  • Bug spray & sunscreen of non-aerosol types are encouraged
  • The choice to sleep on an air mattress or cot is up to you. The Troop doesn’t have any air mattresses or cots to loan out.


In addition to whatever you might wear normally during an active summer day

  • WATER SHOES – Everyone will be in, near, or on the water on Tuesday afternoon. Pack an extra pair of shoes that can get wet in a creek or lake.
  • SLIP-ON / FLIP FLOPS – Everyone is expected to wear shoes at all times when outside their tent, so pack some slip-on shoes for lounging and night-time bathroom trips
  • Just wearing socks is NOT acceptable.


We have to carry more Troop gear to summer camp this year than ever before. Any participant arriving with excessive gear may be forced to leave non-essential items behind or have their parents drive it to/from camp separately. This will be based solely on the discretion of the Scoutmaster. If you think this item is directed at you, then it probably is—you know who you are.


All participants will sleep alone. You may sleep in a hammock if you prefer, but a tent is required for gear storage and privacy for changing clothes. Siblings may share a tent. If you don’t have a tent of your own to use for the week, please contact Mr. Newman ASAP and we’ll arrange for you to use a Troop tent.


Our Troop travels in BSA Field uniform (also known as Class A) so please arrive for camp wearing your full uniform. Leave your neckerchief at home. During the remainder of the week, participants may dress in whatever is comfortable. Everyone is encouraged to wear the BSA Activity uniform (also known as Class B) daily.


To be a “perfect patrol”, plan to “dress for the day” in some way. Whether that means hats, glasses, signs, the more creative the better… show your spirit and commitment to STEAM. Examples? Pocket protectors, lab coats, Hawaiian shirts, light up or reflective gear of all types, scanning electron microscope, and particle accelerators, block, and tackle.


Participants may bring food and drinks to supplement Troop-supplied meals. A few snacks or drinks per day are reasonable, multiple cases of food and drinks are not. We must pack out all trash from this week. There is no trash service. You’ll be responsible to pack out your bags, bottles, cans, cardboard, etc. in your own gear. So, bring a couple of trash bags. One large cooler with ice will be supplied for Scouts to keep beverages cold throughout the week, there will be no other access to refrigeration.


At the request of STEAM attendees, movie making is a core focus of this week. All Scouts will participate. Depending on your personal interest and involvement, you’ll earn credit towards the Movie Making merit badge.


For merit badges attempted, the Scout should be familiar with the requirements of the badge before attending camp and should bring his own copy of the merit badge book. All merit badges offered this week can be purchased in an e-version through amazon to be viewed on your phone/tablet/laptop. This might be the best $4.99 you can spend! We will have extra kindle devices available for Scouts to use if needed.


The latest draft is attached. One printed copy will be provided to each participant upon arrival.


Your patrol will earn points throughout the week for participation in events and winning competitions. A perfect score is 44. The scoring sheet is attached.


At the request of attendees, leadership training is a part of the STEAM camp. All Scouts will participate. Completing the class will qualify you for Troop leadership roles and is also a prerequisite to attend National Youth Leadership Training.


There will be electricity available to everyone for charging portable devices.


STEAM Camp will make use of advanced devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops. We’ll provide two laptops for Scouts to share for movie making and merit badge research. Bringing your own is a great idea. See electronics policy below. Each patrol will need at least one smartphone to film your movie.


The rules governing the use of electronics at Troop 44 events are simple:

  • What types of electronic devices may be brought to troop events including summer camp?
    • Anything.
    • You want it, you carry it.
  • Who is solely responsible for an electronic item brought to troop events if it is lost, stolen of broken?
    • The person that brings the item. Your phone falls from your pocket into a lake, you should have worn shorts with better pockets and expect people to remind you about it for years to come.
  • When/how may the electronics be used?
    • During Scouting events, electronics should support our Scouting activity. Our main intent is for communication with family related to safety and schedules or for program-related reference. Examples include: GPS or map apps for navigation, call or text to update arrival times, google nearby ice cream shops after a hard day of canoeing, look up “how to” videos on skills during patrol corners.
  • How will I know if it is OK to use my electronics?
    • Be respectful of those around you based on the Scout Oath & Law. If a leader (adult or youth) asks you to put away your electronics we expect immediate compliance without mumbling and grumbling. There will be time to use your electronics later.


Ryker Geesaman | Webmaster

BSA Troop 44 – Lititz, PA

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